Julie Wilson Interview, 49th Shelf: August, 2013

Q: Hearkening back to your 30 years in book production and design, what makes a book well-designed to your hand and eye? What makes for good architecture?


Well, yes, I guess I am still a bit of a book-nut, in love (or at least potential love) with the book as a physical object – a three dimensional physical object, not simply the flat surface of each page. Yes, I care very much about the typeface, its size, spacing, placement on the page, but I care just as much about the quality of the paper, the kind of binding, the general heft and feel of the book.

Laurie Lewis pens first book, Little Comrades, at 80

Laurie Lewis pens first book, Little Comrades, at 80
Sarah HampsonPublished July 13, 2011


If you've ever despaired that your life is passing you by, that you'll likely never accomplish the things you thought you might, meet Laurie Lewis.

She just published her first book at 80.

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