Little Comrades - Geist description

Laurie Lewis remembers a childhood of  RCMP interrogations, covert meetings with parents-in-hiding and lots and lots of pudding. This is an excerpt from her memoir Little Comrades.

When there was a meeting or when our parents talked about someone who wasn’t there, they’d say Comrade Paul or Comrade Ted, so that it was clear they were talking about the person’s political identity. My father was Comrade Lawrence and my mother was Comrade Ellen.

Patty Osborne review of Little comrades

In 1939, Russia and Germany signed the Warsaw Pact and the Canadian government made it illegal to be a member of the Communist Party, so Laurie Lewis’s parents, who were both active members, went into hiding. They buried incriminating books in the backyard and left Laurie and her brother in a boarding house run by a woman who didn’t ask many questions.

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